Recipe: Meat Fondue

Meat Fondue or Fondue Bourguignonne consists of a fondue pot filled with hot oil into which diners dip pieces of meat to cook them. Since the 1950s, the name “fondue” has been generalised to other dishes in which a food is dipped into a communal pot of hot liquid; traditionally a dish of melted cheese is served in a communal pot over a portable stove and eaten by dipping long-stemmed forks with bread into the cheese. Today’s post is going to demonstrate my take on a beef fondue recipe with a home-made Diane sauce.

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  • Beef Steaks, a cut of your choice
  • Salt & Pepper for seasoning
  • 1 Onion
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic
  • Half a pot of Double Cream
  • A cup of Brandy
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • Olive Oil or Butter for the frying pan
  • Fresh Parsley
  • Fondue Set
  • Sunflower Oil for cooking meat fondue
  • Sides to accompany the dish – we chose fries and salad


Step 1

To start, we will be preparing the Diane sauce and seasoning the meat. Cut the onions and crush the garlic, add to a frying pan and let them begin to sweat (add oil or butter to the pan first). Whilst the onions and garlic are softening, season the meat, slice the meat ready to cook, place in a bowl and cover with cling film.

Meat Fondue 1Step 2

Pour the oil into a medium sauce pan and start to heat on high, test how hot the oil is by dropping small pieces of bread into it and seeing how quickly it cooks. Chop the parsley ready to add to the dish.

Meat Fondue 3

Meat Fondue 2Step 3

With the onions and garlic softened and still on a high heat – add a cup of brandy into the pan, be careful as it may set alight! Immediately turn the heat down to low and cook until the smell of alcohol has gone.

Meat Fondue 4Step 4

When the brandy has reduced, add the double cream, parsley and Worcestershire sauce to the pan. Taste the sauce and season with salt and pepper to your preference.

Meat Fondue 5Step 5

Test the oil is hot enough by dropping bread into it, all the above can be ready in 15 minutes. Pour the hot oil into the fondue saucepan and light the flame to keep it hot. Now for the fun bit! Using the fondue long-stemmed folks cook pieces of meat by resting them in the hot oil. Add some Diane sauce to your plate and enjoy with fries and salad.

Meat Fondue 6

Happy Easter y’all!