What is daydreamer – lifestyle blog?

Daydreamer is a lifestyle blog by Emma Rose Tully. Reviewing and recording the on-goings of Emma’s life, content includes mostly food reviews, a little lifestyle and culture as well as art, travel and music.

Who is Emma Rose Tully?

I am a Marketing, Design and Communications graduate from Nottingham Trent University. I work as a Communications and Social Media Community Manager for an alternative finance company. I have previous experience at two business-to-business conferencing companies as an Events Marketer. I grew up in Suffolk in East Anglia but have since moved to London like most twenty-somethings! So far, I’ve lived in Bow (E3), Parson’s Green (SW6) and Camberwell (SE5).

Why did you start a blog?

During my degree I worked in London as part of an industrial placement year. When I started in the role I was the only marketing representative in the team which meant I had teach myself a lot of marketing practices instead of being guided by a manager. I was most interested in content marketing and user engagement and thought the best way to learn how to optimise these was to practice in my own time.  I set up my own blog as a way of finding out how to write good content and encourage readers to engage with topics of interest to me.

Isn’t daydreamer more of a food blog than a lifestyle blog?

It didn’t start that way but it is moving more and more in the foodie direction! I’d like to keep daydreamer labeled as a lifestyle blog as I don’t want to restrict what stories I share with you.

What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D40 which I can’t recommend enough, especially if you’re an amateur photographer looking for your first SLR.  I also use my iPhone 4S camera a lot, mainly because it’s so convenient! You can follow me on Instagram here.

Do you make money from your blog?

No, not at the moment. I recently got accepted by Skimlinks which pays you a very small percentage every time someone buys something via a link on my website. I would like to apply to Google AdSense in the future when I have a higher volume of traffic. If I start receiving any income from my blog I will update the FAQs accordingly.

Does your site use cookies?

Yes, it does. For more information visit WordPress Cookies here.

I’m a company and I’d like to get in touch. How can I contact you?

If you own or work for an eatery or bar, which you think I have to visit, then do let me know. I’m not great on product reviews, unless it’s tea related! You can contact me here with your ideas, I promise to reply even if it is to decline your offer. Thank you!

How do you find out about cool places to visit?

I use a number of different sources. I receive newsletters from TimeOut, Just Opened, Emerald Street, Thrill City and the Nudge London. Those are probably my most trusted sources but I also regularly read blogs.