Social Media: Make it work for you

[Infographic by Daydreamer]

1. Control Google

Your personal brand is equal to your google search results, so get active Search engines love to see fresh content coming out of blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I recommend BrandYourself, the only do-it-yourself platform that empowers anyone to improve your search results.

2. Use on picture

Use the same image across each platform that represents your brand online.

3. Tagline consistency

Your personal tagline is where you say who you are and what you do in about 10 words. Make sure it’s identical everywhere – on your Twitter bio as well as LinkedIn.

4. Know your audience

Find where your target audience like to hand out and target that platform.

5. Connect with key names

Start following on Twitter, exchange a few words to ensure you’re on their radar, then connect on LinkedIn.

6. Content marketing

Set up a system of procuring quality content from the web relevant to your audience. Present this to your network regularly – just remember to add your personal twist.

7. Create content

Creating content is better than procuring content. content can be anything from a blog post, a podcast or a YouTube clip.

8. Listen

User Twitter search, LinkedIn signal and Google Alerts so you can monitor mentions of your name, company and keywords.

9. Meet people

Some of the strongest relationships start on social networks and are then taken offline. Meeting people for a coffee or at events creates even stronger bonds online.

10. Remember to switch off

Social media is a time bandit. Set a limit by using tools like Freedom and StayFocusd.