Iittala Springboard Project

My love of Iittala products started in the Summer of twenty-twelve. Whilst interning for a Creative Social Technology start-up, I’d spend my lunch breaks in Shoreditch’s Pitfield Café. An extension of the Pitfield lifestyle store, the Pitfield Café brings  a community umbrella, a gathering place to socialise or work. With an array of healthy salads, flatbreads, cakes, brownies and fluffy meringues to choose from, it’s only right that such delicious food is served on such delightful chinaware. My English Breakfast tea was brought to my table in a large blue Iittala mug from the Taika collection, matched against a white Taika saucer it looked so pretty! After almost a month of consuming flatbreads daily my internship ended. As a parting gift, I received my first cup and saucer set from, you guessed it, Iittala.

Iittala Pitfield

At Christmas I was lucky enough to see my small collection of Taika items grow, as I continued to purchase the occasional item to complete colour sets. Being the ridiculous twitpic-er and instagram nut that I am, I would get carried away hashtagging images of my everyday use of Iittala tableware. For this reason, it’s not really surprising that Iittala spotted me as a fan as their products! Through Daydreamer, I was contacted by Iittala’s Digital Experience Marketing Director. They asked whether I’d like to take part in a Springboard project, which involved taking photos of all things spring and sharing them through social media with the hashtag #IittalaSpring!

Iittala collage

I was delighted (and flattered!) that I’d been asked to take part. My instructions for the Springboard project were as follows, contribute some photos to the Springboard inspired by the theme Picnics and stripes and the joys of spring and share via Instragram and Flickr using the #IittalaSpring hashtag. My images would then be used to help create a visual collection of inspiring, beautiful objects and photographers on the Iittala website.

insta flickr follow

Instagram                                                                        Flickr 

The Springboard is now live…

…and available for you to view on the Iittala website www.iittala.com/spring-2013-theme5. Another great thing about this project is that there’s still a chance for you to get involved! Take part and win a 500€ Iittala gift card. Simply create your own Springboard on your favourite image hosting site and share it on the Iittala Facebook pages. The best entry will be featured here on iittala.com and the winner will receive a 500€ Iittala gift card!

Iittala Springboard collectionHow to enter the competition

  • Take up to 40 photos inspired the joys of spring. About 25 photos would be ideal.
  • Upload your photos to your favourite image hosting website. For example, you can create a Facebook photo album, or a Flickr album, or upload your photos to Instagram and tag them with #iittalaspring, or you can share them via another similar image hosting website, as long as you can provide a working link to your image collection.
  • Give your Springboard theme a name.
  • Post the link of your Springboard with the heading “Iittala Springboard competition entry” and the name of your theme on our Facebook wall at Facebook.com/Iittala

Stay tuned for more information on the project as I’ll be writing a post at the end, showing you my favourite images from the collection. Happy photoshooting!