Review: Prawn on the Lawn

Part fishmonger, part seafood bar – Prawn on the Lawn offers a unique and refreshing buying and dining experience. Situated just a few minutes walk from Highbury & Islington station in North London, I’d been keen to visit Prawn on the Lawn since I first read about it on Just Opened London.

With only enough space to cater for 8 diners, I’d tweeted them earlier that week to ask whether they were usually busy on a Saturday lunch time. Turns out they don’t get busy until half 1, so we made plans to have an early lunch. Arriving at 1pm, we were the second group to be seated at the back of the room on high chairs against the bar table.

I loved the interior of the place, it is afterall a fishmongers – so the floor were wet, the walls were lined with white tiles and the decoration followed a sea side theme!

prawn on the lawnThe food menu is written across two black boards on the wall, you can either order a selection of small tapas style dishes or larger sea food platters. We started with a soft drink each – one of my dining partners chose a glass of Gazpacho, which is a Spanish tomato & pepper drink. Often served as a warm soup, a cold glass of it goes very well with fish.

prawn on the lawn drinksWe decided to order 3 small dishes to share to start with, as we weren’t sure how much they’d fill us up. Prawn on the Lawn prepare all the food in the main room, so there no hiding away in a kitchen for these fishmongers. They have a microwave and a toaster, alongside a couple of sinks and plastic chopping boards. Really, its all they need to prepare the dishes they offer.

Most things were ideal for sharing between two as they came in pairs. As we were in a group of three we did a little negotiating and were able to share what we received.

First was the crab toast with watercress and homemade chilli jam (£7.50). Served on toasted sour dough bread the crab lay on a bed of peppery watercress. The crab meat was light in flavour and soft in texture but set alive with a squeeze of lemon and a hint of chilli jam.

2014-01-18 13.16.52The next thing to be neatly placed on the handing plate rack (super idea for a restaurant with minimal space!) was the one and only Prawn on the Lawn (£6.50). Also served on warm sour dough toast, prawn on the lawn consists of freshly made avocado spread and pawns with chilli and freshly chopped herbs. Drizzled in lime it was absolutely delicious!

2014-01-18 13.16.57-1 2014-01-18 13.17.48The third dish we sampled was the Scallop cevche with chilli, coriander and passionfruit (£9). This had to be my favourite. It was so delicate in texture but the flavours were powerful. Sour lime, spicy chilli, fragrant coriander and sweet passionfruit were such an awesome combination.

2014-01-18 13.25.06-1 2014-01-18 13.25.12

Once we’d finished off the first three dishes, we decided to order 1/2 pint of prawns with lime creme fraiche (£7.50) as we were still a bit peckish. The king prawns were gorgeous, for a start they were huge and peeling them away from their shells the fish meat was ready to dip into the lime creme fraiche – which by the way was amazing! The dish was so good, that we ordered more as well as requesting a basket of sour dough toast to mop up the rest of the delicious lime creme fraiche sauce.

2014-01-18 13.34.46-12014-01-18 14.01.51I absolutely loved the food at Prawn on the Lawn. I give our experience there 10 out of 10 – simply because I couldn’t fault anything. The dishes, the service, the quality, attention to detail, setting everything. Loved it. To top things off, the bill was even served in a sardine tin with a shimp sweet included!

2014-01-18 14.20.26 2014-01-18 14.19.58


ADDRESS: 220 St Paul’s Road, St Paul’s Rd, London N1 2LY

CONTACT: 020 33028668

OPENING HOURS: Sunday and Monday – Closed, Tuesday and Wednesday – 9am till 9pm, Thursdays to Saturday – 9am till 10pm


TWITTER: @PrawnOnTheLawn

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