A Very Foodie Field Day

For most campers, dry noodles, warm beer, and sausage rolls are festival staples. But with street food vendors becoming the norm in cities it’s not surprising that the food line-up at festivals this summer has now become as important as the music.

As I head to Cambridgeshire this weekend for Secret Garden Party, I look back on my foodie experience from day festival Field Day, which took place in Victoria Park, East London.

Street Feast


SmokeStak are literally the heavyweight champions of barbecue cooking. Smoking ribs and brisket in their 4.5 tonne smoker/barbecue, constructed and imported from the home of barbecue Houston, Texas.

Serving up US classics such as USDA beef brisket, beef rib, St. Louis pork ribs or pulled pork, perfectly smoked and coated with sumptuously sweet sauces and pickled red chilli.

The beef brisket is superb – tender, beautifully smoked, and perfectly wobbly. The pulled pork is almost as good but the brisket is the real winner.

Beef Brisket Pulled Pork


Hix’s FishDog

The man behind Tramshed Mark Hix takes on the classic fish finger sandwich. Serving battered pollock with minted mushy peas and tartare sauce, Hix’s FishDog is the perfect sweet and salty snack. The ‘Holy-Fuck Fish Balls’ (not too dissimilar to croquettes) come with a spicy mayo. They mildly blew my socks off but were a welcome treat once I’d recovered from SmokeStak.

Hix's FishDog FishDog Fish Balls

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The Cheese Truck

The Cheese Truck is on a mission to celebrate British Cheeses. Their signature grilled cheese sandwich marinades Keens Cheddar with Ogleshield Raclette Cheese and onions. It’s simple, seasonal, locally sourced and ruddy delicious.

Grilled Cheese Cheese Toastie Red Stripe Cheese Toastie

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Until next time…

Now, I’m told Secret Garden Party is perfect for food-obsessed festival fans with acts like Beans on Toast, Chris Tofu and Kiko Bun 😂. I’ll report back as soon as I’ve recovered, in the meantime it’s fingers crossed for sunshine!