I first discovered in my first year of uni as I was trying to find a way to document some of my favourite photos to show my friends, family and potentially use at interviews for an internship.

In short, is a new kind of online printing business. They provide printing services for business cards, postcards and minicards.

For my first printing batch, I decided to choose MiniCards, because I thought they would be a fun way of showing off some of my creative photography. MiniCards are half the size of Business Cards, you can upload your own images to the site or personalise their existing designs. You can choose up to 100 different designs in each pack and on the reverse of the MiniCard you can include your personal details just like a normal business card.

Once I’d received my first batch of cards, I played around with them to create personalised postcards for my family and friends. I also blue tacked them around the edge of my mirror to create a colourful boarding of memories!

Postcard 1 – Purple

Postcard 2 – Summer

Postcard 3 – British White

Postcard 4 – Spain

Another cool product from Moo, is the Mosaic Frame. It is a unique frame which has been designed to display MiniCards! My favourite thing about it is the ability to position (and re-position) your MiniCards to make your favourite arrangement, you can also have it has a  portrait or landscape frame!

The Mosaic Frame from MOO

I purchased one for myself which I filled with photos I’d taken myself and I bought a second as a gift which I filled with photo memories.

If your a keen photographer, then I recommend following on Twitter @overheardatmoo.

Visit their website here to discover your own Moo Story.