In my basket I have a…

When I say basket, I mean bag. When I say bag I mean make-up bag. Today, I have decided to tell you all about what’s in my make-up bag. Are you ready for the ultimate beauty low down?

Bare Necessities.

I cannot live without YSL Touche Eclate, DiorShow Backstage Waterproof Mascara in black and a Soap & Glory Arch De Triumph Eyebrow Kit. Expensive taste your thinking? Let me introduce you to…

I discovered Cheap Smells through Student Beans one week, when they were promoting the site in their weekly newsletter. Cheap Smells launched in 2004 and began just selling perfume, but due to huge customer demand for quality products at affordable prices, they branched out into offering the best quality aftershaves, skin care, hair care and most recently, cosmetics! I would highly recommend them to anybody. The absolute best thing about them is that Standard Delivery is included in the price of all of their products! So not only are you saving money on designer cosmetics, it doesn’t make any difference if you order on-line because delivery charges don’t exist.

Yves Saint Laurent, Touche Eclat Radiant Touch currently retails on the site for £17.95 which is 27% less than the RRP of ££24.50.

Christian Dior, Diorshow Waterproof Mascara is also priced at £17.95, 17% less than the RRP of £21.50.

The Arch De Triumph Eyebrow Kit by Soap & Glory isn’t so easy to come by, but I currently purchase it from ASOS for £7.70. I usually buy two at once and choose Super Style Saver delivery, which is also free of charge but can take up to a week to arrive.

The Extras

As well as the Bare Necessities, its important to carry some extras. I think if you can it’s important not to wear foundation everyday so that your skin can breath, but when I feel like I need some extra cover up I use STAY MATTE Foundation by Rimmel London. It’s the same texture cream as a moisturiser so spreads well over your skin. Although the tube claims it takes up to 12 hours, I would say it last up to about 8 but it is a good natural shine controller as well as producing a fresh matte finish.

I also use DALLAS Blusher by Benefit. Again, it has a high price tag but lasts for ever. I’ve been using it for 3 years now and am only on my second one. It’s an amazing colour and suits my skin colour. I really dislike the blusher brush that comes with it, I think its an awful shape and does not create natural ‘streaks’ on your cheeks. So, I opted for a Barry M Blusher Brush instead, which I bought from Superdrug fairly cheaply. Its great quality and doesn’t collate sharpening or other rubbish from the bottom of your make-up bag.

Speaking of sharpening… I use the Bourjois Tailler Crayon Sharper almost on a daily basis to sharpen my Arch De Triumph eyebrow pencil and highlighter. It takes about a weeks worth of sharpening for me until it needs emptying. I’ve bought many a make-up pencil sharpener in my time and can say so far this is the best I’ve ever had. Saying that, I’m on my second one now because the first died.

Finally, my last make-up bag extra is the Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trio Eyeshadow, it does exactly what it says on the tin and is create for creating smoky eyes. On the back of the compact it provides professional make up artist tips which help you to achieve step by step a “classic smoky” or a “fashion smoky” eye look. It also comes with an ergonomic, double-tipped applicator which has been specially designed to outline your eyes according to your wishes.

Other non-essentials (for rainy day)

I also have STAY MATT Pressed Power by Rimmel London so days when make-up isn’t sitting on my face very well or if my skin is feeling oily. According to Rimmel London it “Controls shine for up to 12 hours. Minimises the appearance of pores with a natural, matte finish. You won’t go out without it!” I disagree and still think I could find a better powder out there.

Finally, I think it’s important to carry an industrial concealer for tragic dark circle days. ERASE paste by Benefit covers dark circles perfectly as well as the odd blemish or two, but for me I find it too thick for day to day wear and often find it creases under my eyes, so I tend to constantly be smoothing it out during the day.

I like to feel as comfortable as I can in my day to day make-up and could live on Touche Eclate, DiorShow Backstage and Arch De Triumph alone. How very french of me!