Sure: Unapologetically Strong

I have been using this product for a while now, it’s absolutely brilliant and I’ve wanted to tell the world how good it is for some time. But writing a blog post about deodorant isn’t exactly glamorous is it? Thankfully, Unilever’s Sure have now given me a reason to write about it as they launch their Unapologetically Strong campaign for Sure Maximum Protection.

Unilever’s Sure and Deutsch NY view the women’s deodorant industry as something in need of repair. What’s the problem, you ask? In a statement, they say,

For years, women have been portrayed by the deodorant industry as weak. From embarrassed bridesmaids to sheepish business women in silk blouses who hide their armpits, women have been made to feel that without a deodorant we are inadequate and unattractive.

Through the Unapologetically Strong advertising campaign, Sure seeks to depict a different side of women, one that isn’t all about skipping merrily through fields of lilac while dressed head to toe in pastels. In fact, the models in “Unapologetically Strong” opt for decrepit abandoned buildings instead of the great outdoors, which is a great place to cross your arms and look intimidating. The spot is part of Sure’s Maximum Strength global product launch, and the statement from Sure and Deutsch goes on to say that,

Sweat is a sign that we’re engaged, we’re doing, we’re achieving. Women are strong. And now there’s a product as strong as we are.

When I was a teenager, I tried and tested a million deodorants that promised to provide 24 hour protection, reduce sweat and still keep you smelling sweet. None of them did that.

Based on this, I was at first a bit dubious of a product that promised 48hr protection especially as I’d never met a product that could achieve half of that! However Sure Maximum Protection has proven me wrong.

I put the product on before bed (as instructed) and again in the morning (just in case) and thought nothing of it for the rest of the day. That’s surely the answer to the perfect deodorant, no? I didn’t think about it all day. Perspiration wasn’t minimal, perspiration was non-existent!

Sure Maximum Protection provides unbeatable 48-hour protection against wetness and odour. It is specially formulated for very active women, and has a reactive complex which works as hard as you do – so you remain feeling fresh, dry and fragrant even during bouts of intense physical activity. The formula is kind and gentle to skin – but is so strong it will continue protecting you even after a shower.

Sure Women Maximum Protection 48-hour Anti-Perspirant Deodorant contains three important components which help care for delicate underarm skin whilst providing incredible protection from perspiration. The innovative TRISolid body-responsive technology works with microcapsules, which burst when exposed to underarm friction, releasing a blast of fragrance right when you need it. This deodorant helps to moisturise fragile underarm skin, so it won’t dry out and become irritated.

I literally cannot rave about this product anymore than I’m trying to here by publishing this blog post. This deodorant is the answer to any sweat, smell or underarm related issues. Get it now and I promise you you’ll want to tell the world how good it is too.

They have a man version too. If your a man, get that one.