Happy First Birthday Daydreamer!

On the 28th of Decemeber 2011 emmarosetully.wordpress.com was created! The début post detailed my New Year’s Eve plans to dress as Marie Antoinette for a Royal’s Past and Present soiree. Since then I’ve written three fancy dress posts including Zombie Brides at Halloween and more recently the Snow Queen from Nania.

fancy dress post

Back in March my most popular post was published about The Kenton pub in Hackney Wick. Norwegian owner Egil Johansen caught sight of my review and posted it on his Facebook page attracting over 200 referrals that day. Since then, it’s been very hard to beat 298 blog views that day. PowWow Nail‘s heavily featured in The Kenton’s review as they attend Ladies Night every Thursday evening offering artistic nail painting designs for as little as £15.

the kenton post

Close behind in second place is my review of the Swan STM100 Teasmade, A Great Iconic British Invention: The Teasmade. This has to be my favourite post as not only did I receive wonderful comments and likes, the kind General Manager at Swan Products Limited offered me the latest Teasmade model (yet to be released at the time) for free! The latest product is a great improvement on the last which I will be reviewing for your lovely selves in January.

teasmade post

Thirdly, the deodorant post. Remember it? I was ever so sceptical about writing a body odour blog review. But the second I was exposed to Unilever’s new marketing campaign for Sure’s Maximum Protection I felt I had no excuse not to share my opinion on the product I’d put so much trust into. The launch of the Unapologetically Strong campaign hit the limelight in April 2011 and aimed to steer away from the traditional woman’s deodorant industry depicting a different side of women, one that isn’t all about skipping merrily through fields of lilac while dressed head to toe in pastels. Brilliant.

unapologetically strong post

My top three posts are closely followed by that of Foodie Reviews, such as Shoreditch Pop-Up: Flat Iron and In the pink: H. Forman & Son and Beauty Tips such Spring Glow: Beauty Secrets Revealed.

food beauty post

Since my blog began I have received over 5,500 views, 41 comments across various posts and I now have over 800 followers. What does this call for? It calls for an upgrade! From this day on emmarosetully.wordpress.com will now be www.emmarosetully.com!

I would like to thank all of you for your engagement and interest and I hope I can continue to write about some interesting reviews and articles over the next year. Happy Holidays!

Emma x

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