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How to create natural looking waves on straight hair

So, today’s post is about styling naturally straight hair into loose natural looking curls. I have decided to model this write up myself, I hope the photos are able to describe each step as well as a video would but basically I aim to show you how I get my straight hair to go wavy.

before after

Tool Kit

Firstly, let’s start with the tool kit.

Hair Tools
Hair Products

The Steps


I recommend using John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner to wash your hair, the product restores fullness while strengthening and lifting the hair for a healthy volume. The resulting textural change makes hair feel and look more voluminous. Next, spray wet hair with Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray, this helps to create (you guessed it) texture and body with light to medium hold. Sea Salt spray is suitable for all hair types and perfect for “achieving a lived in, beach look”, spritz the product evenly root to tip. My other favourite product to use as well is Blow Dry Spray from the Front Row collection by Charles Worthington. This product is wonderful for creating height at the roots while leaving ends light and free flowing.

comb out wet hair


After brushing through the products into wet hair, dry using a hair dryer immediately. Once your hair is dry you will notice the difference the products have made to the texture of your dry hair. The roots feel stickier / stiffer which is a great basis for the next step.

dry to straight


The BaByliss curling wand is brilliant, it’s available from most major electronic shops and beauty retailers, for as little as £20. Here are my tips on how to use; separate the first lower section out by tying the rest of your hair out of the way. Take the curling wand and twist sections of your hair around the barrel, leave a couple of inches straight at the root to maintain the natural wavy look. Hold the hair on the wand for about 1 minute to ensure it heats up enough and keeps its shape.

curl layers


My first tip for adding volume at this stage is to use Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo, after curling each set of layers spray the dry shampoo into the roots (as seen in image below) then using your hairbrush back-comb the area you just sprayed. As you can see in the third image the roots hold more volume before the next layer is curled on top.



Finally, once all layers are curled spray once over with your favourite hair spray product.

Final Look


Adding extra volume. This part is most defiantly a top secret tip. If your looking for a product that will help maintain as much volume in your hair as possible then look no further than got2be: POWER’ful volumizing STYLING POWDER.

got2be packaging

This is a recent discovery of mine, which I would only use on my hair for nights out as it provides too much volume for day time usage (in my opinion). I’m going to firstly start with a negative about the product’s packaging, you can see for yourself in the image above – what is with that empty space!? Other than the fact that their is far to much cardboard packaging for the size of the product there are is useful information and instructions on the back to guide users.

got2be product

How to use: Shake a small amount into your palm and rub your hands together. You will see the power disappear but still feel the product on your hands. Distribute into dry hair, focusing on the roots. Alternatively shake the powder directly into your hair using your fingertips to work it in and create big voluminous styles. Check out the website for more hints and tips here.

If any of you have any other tips for curling and volumising hair, please do comment below! x