Review: Homeslice Pizza, London

Tonight myself and a friend visited Homeslice Pizza which lives in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden – it’s first permanent home. Originally a regular stall seen at London street markets, pizza purveyors Homeslice have followed the well established trend and set up their first bricks and mortar restaurant.

2013-09-08 19.34.25We met for dinner at around 6pm, you can’t make reservations but luckily as it was a Sunday night it wasn’t jam packed. The restaurant is small, there are long benches and rows of seating as well as a individual tables. We where shown to one in the corners and served a large bottle of water with tumblers. There’s no menu just backboards with the choice of pizza toppings, available by the slice (£4) or whole (£20).

2013-09-08 19.34.43If you’re thinking that’s pricey then wait till you see how big they are! Served on a big wooden board with a pizza slicer, you have the option of ordering a half and half which means you can sample two flavours. We went for half Caprese, half Sopressata & Rocket.

2013-09-08 18.25.51The Caprese is like a Margherita pizza expect once it’s been taken out of the oven fresh Roma tomatoes, old buffalo mozzarella and fresh basil are added to the top. The Sopressata & Rocket is a type of salami with rocket leaves and slices of parmesan cheese. The base of the pizza is thin yet the crusts are doughy and soft – my favourite part about it was the tomato base, deliciously rich in flavour.2013-09-08 18.27.30Because the pizza takes over the entire size of the table you have to move your wine and water glasses out of the way as soon as you see the waitress heading in your direction, luckily for us the table next to us was free. But if we didn’t have that I could imagine feeling too cramped.

Unusually you’re given a paper plate to eat your food off of. It’s no fancy paper plate – it’s one of those cheapo Tesco value style whatsits. I can see why they give you these – relating back to their street food ways but it really was a bit flimsy and cheap looking especially as you’re paying for a £20 pizza! You also weren’t given cutlery with your meal – this wouldn’t have been a problem if the pizza was stiff and easy to hold but it was soft and moist which meant you had to be tactical when picking up a slice to eat. There are serviettes available on the table which was useful as we both got quite mucky.

2013-09-08 18.34.55The wine is also served in an unusual way. Instead of ordering by the bottle, you choose your colour, white, pink or red and are given a carafe full of it to pour at your own leisure. When you are finished the bottle is measure by the waitress using a wooden ruler and you pay for how much you’ve drunk. It costs roughly £4 a glass for red or white and £5 a glass for rose.

2013-09-08 18.13.13Overall I had a great dinner at Homeslice – I’d go again if it was easy to get a table but I can’t imagine having the patience to queue if it was really busy. I recommend it for great pizza and an alternative way of dining, great place to catch up with friends!

2013-09-08 19.30.29Details

ADDRESS: 13 Neal’s Yard, WC2H 9DP

OPENING TIMES: 12pm-11pm Monday to Saturday, 12pm-6pm Sunday

CONTACT: or 020 7836 4604


TWITTER: @homesliceLDN

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