Review: London Cocktail Club

There’s a cocktail bar for every mood in London and it’s always difficult to decide where to go next. But having heard good things about the London Cocktail Club, finishing up dinner round the corner at Bubbledogs we decided to try out the Goodge Street LCC.

LCC emmarosetullyHighly remarked for being the best at gastro mixology the London Cocktail Club has an innovative menu. From a Cheese and Pineapple Martini, a “Breakfast Martini”, Apple Jack or Basil Grande there’s enough unique mixtures to make your mind boggle. Their signature cocktail, the Egg and Bacon Martini is what drew me to the London Cocktail Club in the first place so I had to order it first!

Made up of smoked bacon infused Jack Daniels mixed with egg white, maple syrup, lemon juice and a dash of Angostura Bitters. The martini is garnish with a pancetta crisp and a Haribo fried egg sweet.

2013-10-19 23.49.26As you went to sip the drink the smell of the bacon balanced on the glass was rather overpowering but prepared you for the flavours you were about to taste. It genuinely did taste like bacon, liquid bacon with an alcoholic overtone. It was very unusual but really enjoyable!

Despite planning on staying just for the one drink, we inevitably got through three each. Drawn in by the rare menu there was something to catch everyones eye which you just HAD to try…

2013-10-20 00.00.01The Brixton Riot was the most attention seeking cocktail on the menu, peach, cranberry and lychee liqueur, flamed with Wray & Nephew overproof rum. The bar tenders put on an awesome display creating the drink, standing on the edge of the bar igniting the rum inside a glass and pouring it from a great height into the cocktail before dusting it with icing sugar instantly setting it alight. The flames lit the room for seconds at a time causing the punters conversations to stop midway to capture a glimpse of the mixologists talents.

We ended our evening with one final cocktail. We would have stayed longer if our purses weren’t already thirty sterling pounds lighter!

2013-10-19 22.11.02The London Cocktail Club is a mesmerizing bar, I loved the atmosphere. The Goodge Street venue is small and dark with nooks and crannies opened up to create space. When the bar reaches a comfortable capacity they close the entrance to new customers with a one group out one group in policy. You do receive great value for your money at LCC, although it’s expensive, the setting is uncrowded, the drinks are outstanding and the service is brilliant. The knowledge of each bar man is quite the conversation starter and something to brag about!

I’d rate my experience 100% and force encourage all my friends and readers to visits soon!


ADDRESS: The London Cocktail Club, 61 Goodge St, London, W1T 1TL

CONTACT: +44 (0)20 7580 1960

OPENING TIMES: Mon – Thursday, 16:30-11:30, Friday – Saturday, 16:30-00:00, Sunday – Private bookings only



TWITTER: @JJamesGoodman

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