Halloween: We are Zombie Brides

A zombie is an animated corpse resurrected back to life by mystical means, such as witchcraft.

This weekend my housemate and I attended a Halloween House Party hosted by Shut The Front Door (STFD) & Make The Noise Clothing (MTNC). We decided to dress up as Zombie Brides. This post is going to be all about how we put our outfits together, from the make-up on our face to the shoes on our feet – here’s how to create… this!

First, we chose to purchase white peplum dresses, a veil and long lace gloves from eBay. The veil and gloves arrived within 2 days of ordering and the peplum dresses arrived 4 days after. Once we’d chosen what we were going to wear, we YouTube various videos of Zombie Bride make-up designs for inspiration. The following steps demonstrate how we put our outfits together:

Step 1

Apply Fake Lashes. In most of the YouTube videos we watched, they all applied foundation, eye-shadow then lashes, personally I find false eyelashes a mission to put on so applying them first allows for errors and corrections.  I chose to wear Eylure Evening Wear lashes. Luckily I have an extensive collection of eye shadow shades to complete the next steps – but if you’re looking to purchase the correct colour collection for this look I recommend Lancome COLOR DESIGN Ombre Mono Effects Sensationnel (right hand image).

Step 2

Firstly apply a layer of white eye shadow on the eyelid, up to the brow line and around the bottom of the eye. Then apply a mid shade of purple shadow around the eyelid and well of the eye. Next, we used a sparkly purple shadow in the corners of the eye to add an extra tint and shine. As you can see from the images below, the colours of the shadow shows up slightly different on our different skin tones, so apply as little or as much depending on how strong you’d like the colouring to be.

Step 3

Next apply a dark, preferable black shadow to the eyelid. Followed by black liquid eye-liner along the edge of the false lash. Around the bottom of the eye we added a light line of black pencil liner and a touch of brown eye shadow to darker the lining of the eye. Finally – add a drip of Fake Blood, we purchased ours from Tesco at 79p it was a bargin! Use a cotton bud to apply the Fake Blood and allow it to run down your face to create a realistic drip.

Step 4 

Get dressed! Best to put on the white dresses before we start applying fake scares and fake blood, the blood takes quite a long time to dry so we want to avoid the risk of smudging it on our outfits first. Like the fake blood, the scars were also purchased from Tesco. We chose to get a long one for our chest/neck and a round one for our arms. Both scars came with self adhesives stickers but they weren’t very big and meant the edges of the scares wouldn’t be stuck to the skin so we chose to add extra double sided tape.

As the scars are, after-all, very fake looking applying as much fake blood on and around them made them look more ‘realistic’. Let the blood drip naturally from the scars as the blood dries.

Step 5

Pin on your veil. I found the easiest way of doing this was to place the whole veil over your head (covering your face) and pin using kirby grips to the top of your head, then flick the veil back to check you are happy with the positioning of it and pin any more grips in necessary to ensure it’s on tightly.

Step 6

The final step of creating your Zombie Bride outfit is to put on the lace gloves and choose some shoes. As we were attending a house party we chose to wear converses. If you’re conscious that wearing a white dress will make you look pale then take some advice from my tanning blog, we both applied Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs spray.

Thank you to the lovely @CharStow for modelling the Zombie look for me throughout this post. Happy Halloween All!